3D-Aligning GCPs to LiDAR Data in ROCK Cloud

3D-aligning a ground control point to line our data in the ROCK Cloud is so easy. Here's how you do it:


HARRISON:  First, I'm going to create a project I'm going to call this one GCP "3D line." Now I'm going to define the CRS both the horizontal and vertical datums for the project and let's go ahead and add those ground control points.
I'm going to upload a CSV just drag and drop that in there. You can see it there. I'm going to define the GCP projection and then verify it... looks good. Now click "save."
Now let's go ahead and upload the LiDAR data into the project. Now we can see all the GCPs here on the map. I can zoom in to number 112, click on it and use the quick zoom tool to go right to that in the LiDAR data.
Now you can see it's not aligned and we're going to want to switch this from RGB to intensity gradient view to get a better depiction of where that point's at. And now we're going to use the auto-align tool, where I can go ahead and select a point in the LiDAR data right there.
I'm going to select what point I want that to align to — number 112 — and click "align." Boom, there you go. It's aligned now.
If you want to get more granular, you can actually real-time move the data set up, down, forward and back and see it in real-time. Just click "save," and that's how you 3D align a ground control point to LiDAR data in the ROCK Cloud.

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