Adding Checkpoints or Points of Interest to Projects

Want to add waypoints or checkpoints to your project for reference without making them your GCPs?

Why might you want to use waypoints or checkpoints?

Checkpoints:  While GCPs are used to make sure your point cloud is accurately located, checkpoints are used as additional reference points to validate point cloud accuracy. Checkpoints are included in the Accuracy Report you receive from Rock Surveyor deliverables but are separated from GCPs. 
Waypoints:  Points that are placed by hand in the rock cloud or are disabled GCP points that will not  be included in Accuracy Report statistics.

There are two methods to add  the types of  points  to your project for further use on your deliverables:

Method 1: Add the point through the right-hand toolbar to create a waypoint
If your project has known points that you would like highlighted you can do so by selecting the third tab  down on the right-hand toolbar on your project. Once you are in that third tab there will be different tool options at the top like this:

Select the first icon  or "point" tool.


From here the Point can be titled to fit  what it represents and  can be placed wherever  desired in your Point Cloud. 

Once satisfied with point placement be sure to  hit the Save icon (which will be red if there's unsaved items in your point cloud).

Method 2: Creating/ Uploading Checkpoints along with GCPs

If your points of interest are already known  you can upload them  along with your GCPs under  "Add Ground Control Points" on the left hand side menu. From there, head to the "Show Advanced" link in the GCP tab :

Now you can name the  GCPs and  Checkpoints correctly and enable them as GCPs or Checkpoints accordingly.



You can select the "Disable" box for a checkpoint or GCP if you do not want them included on the accuracy report.