Can I use my LiDAR photos for photogrammetry to make an Orthomosaic?

Yes! You can use georeferenced photos from your R2A to help build your Orthomosaic in your preferred software.

  1. First, you will need to run the trajectory process and colorize your point cloud.
    1. The photos in your [camera] folder do NOT contain EXIF data until after you have run the trajectory processor (PCMaster) and colorized the point cloud (PCPainter). This process creates a trajectory and gives the photos reference parameters in the form of a .CSV file called:  PPK_imageList.csv
  2. Understand what format your preferred orthomosaic softwares uses.
    1. For example, Pix4D doesn't need the photos to be georeferenced with the (X,Y,Z) and you can simply use the "PPK_imageList.csv" file for reference.
    2. Other softwares such as  Drone Deploy require the (X,Y,Z) data in the photos EXIF.
  3. Upload the photos to your preferred ortho processing site and you are ready to create your orthomosaic!