Data Collection with the R3 Pro V2 Mobile Mount

ROCK is happy to offer our new Mobile Mount for the R3 Pro V2 unit. Below will detail how to collect LiDAR data with your R3 Pro V2 on the ROCK Mobile Mount.

After securing your Mobile Mount to the vehicle and setting up your R3 Pro V2 for data collection, follow the instructions below to capture your LiDAR data.  

  • Find a location near the start of your data collection area where you can perform the static, straight line, and Figure 8 calibrations.  It is recommended that this be done in one area, which ideally would be free of GNSS obstructions, and has minimal traffic.  
  • Turn on your R3 Pro V2 unit, then using the 1-button method being data capture.  Once you see the light blinking green at the regular interval, allow 30 seconds of static data capture.  If you have an Insta360 unit as part of your system, start recording data with it by pushing the record button once.
  • Once the static data capture has been completed (30 seconds), you can complete the straight-line calibration.  To do this, you will need to drive the vehicle in a straight line at a consistent speed of approx. 20 mph (33 kph) for a minimum of 5 seconds.  Traveling in a straight line for the duration of this calibration is critical.
  • After completing the straight line calibration, drive the vehicle in a Figure 8 shape at a speed no greater than 15 mph (25 kph) to complete the final calibration.
  • An example of your static, straight line, and Figure 8 calibration should look similar to the path below.  

  • Once all calibrations have been completed you can start to drive your route while collecting data.  
  • While collecting data it you may want to consider turning on your hazard lights to alert other drivers that you may not be driving the posted speed limit. 
  • Other things to keep in mind while collecting data: features visible in your Insta360 camera for the entire duration of data capture will be removed during data processing, so any portions of your vehicle being recorded will be removed.  Shadows will not be processed out as they are likely not going to be present for the total duration of data collection.  Please keep this in mind if you are collecting data near sunrise/sunset as longer shadows could affect final processed results. 
  • Once data collection is complete come to a complete stop, then stop data collection using the 1-button method.  

After completing data collection, you can remove the mobile mount from your vehicle and put your R3 Pro V2 unit and associated parts away in their cases.  Please put the suction cup covers back on to keep them free of dust and wear.