Enabling your ROCK Desktop License

New licenses need to be enabled in your ROCK Cloud Account prior to your first activation and processing in ROCK Desktop.


Enabling your license only has to be done once for each new license you want to use on ROCK Desktop. You won't be required to do it again until your license expires and you purchase a new one. 


Follow these easy steps to get ROCKin' with your new ROCK Desktop License:

  1. Log in to your ROCK Cloud Account
  2. Navigate to your profile icon in the right upper corner of your page, select View Profile
  3. Locate your ROCK Desktop license under your Registered Products dashboard and click the blue Enable button next to your license.
  4. Now you are ready to download the ROCK Desktop software by locating the "Downloads" link in your Registered Products Dashboard - if you haven't registered your hardware yet, please see this article to do so
  5. Begin processing your data!

Please reach out to support@rockrobotic.com if you need assistance