Getting your LiDAR Data from the R3 Pro USB Drive

All the R3 Pro data is stored on the USB drive

Remove the USB drive

The USB drive contains the following data:

  • Cam1 folder - all your photos
    • Please note photos will not have EXIF data until you run the project through ROCK Desktop
  • Lidar1 folder- all your lidar data
    • Please note this isn't a point cloud until processing through ROCK Desktop
  • POS Folder - GPS data
    • Note: make sure you have a .gps file if you're checking to see if you're good to go on a test dataset! 
  • device_info.json-System info

Save Flight Folder on Computer

  • Make sure you save your files on a local folder on your hard drive (not a shared folder, server folder, syncing Sharepoint folder, etc).