Install the R2A on the DJI M200 / M210

The R2A connects directly to DJI Skyport adapter


DJI M200


DJI M210

Connect the R2A to the M200 / M210

The ROCK R2A comes with the Skyport mounting for the DJI M200, DJI M210, DJI M300 drone.

  • Line up the R2A Skyport adapter to the dampener adapter.
  • Press together and twist to lock.

Power Cable

  • The R2A will draw power from the drone's battery once connected to the Skyport.

Mounting Direction

  • For R2A NSA, the camera will be flown forward as shown in the video above.
  • For R2A OG, the lidar will be flown forward as shown in the photo below.

Install the GNSS antenna

  • Attach a GoPro mounting bracket to the M300.
  • Optional: Install a GoPro handle mount to the M300

  • Install the GNSS antenna to the GoPro mounting bracket.
  • Plug the antenna cable into the PRI (primary port)  on the R2A.

Camera Cable

For R2A OG only,

  • Plug in the camera's USB cable from the the computer to the side of the camera.
  • Install the power cable to the camera power port.

Insert the USB flash drive

  • Insert the provided flash drive only.