How do I share a project or folder?

Determine whether to share by email address invitation or by link sharing based on the viewer's needs.

The ROCK Cloud allows owners of projects to easily share to individuals via 2 methods:

1. Email invitation: This requires the viewer to create a ROCK Cloud demo account and limits sharing to only the viewers who receive the email invitation. This method also allows the project owner to choose the level of access for the invitees (Viewers cannot edit a project where Owners can)

2. Share link: A ROCK Cloud demo account is not required BUT anyone with the link can view the project. You will need to consider if this potentially unlimited access to your project is  acceptable. 


Follow these steps to share a project or folder:

1.  Select the share link in the left sidebar


2. Determine if you would like to Share by Email Address or Share Link

Share By Email Address ( Requires invitees to create ROCK Cloud demo account to view)

Enter one or more email addresses for your invitees. They will receive an email with a link they can use to view the project. They will be prompted to create a ROCK Cloud demo account if they don't already have one.

Note: Your invitee must click the link in the email and create a free account to view a project via email.

There are additional viewing permissions you can assign when sharing by email invitation 

  • Viewer access allows a person to view your project and any deliverables
  • Owner access allows a person to edit the project, order deliverables, and save measurements on the LiDAR visualizer

Share By Link (Does not require viewers to create a ROCK Cloud account to view)

Link sharing will give access to your project for anyone who has the link. This is useful when sharing with a wider audience.

Be Aware:  Link Sharing Enabled will allow ANYONE with the link to view  that project


 Deliverables  Sharing  for either Sharing Method
Click "Show deliverables for project viewers" if you would like to allow your viewer to be able to download the files from your project deliverables.


Folder Share

Share a folder by selecting the three dots next to the folder name and clicking "Share":

Only share by email address is available for sharing folders. Viewers will have access to all projects and folders under a shared folder.