Compare and Merge point clouds

Did you complete a multi-mission and/or multi-day LiDAR data collection? The Rock Cloud allows you to align and merge the point clouds!

The Rock Cloud provides an easy way to ensure accuracy between multiple LiDAR data collections. 

Step 1:

Create a Project for each dataset you wish to align independently.

Step 2:

Once you have two or more Projects, create a folder and add all projects to that folder.

Step 3:

With all projects in the same folder a new "Compare" button will display on the folder view:

Step 4:

Select "Compare" and then select the "LiDAR" button:

Step 5:

Translate your datasets until they line up and click the save icon:

If you have GCP's in each point cloud, and use the Auto-Align tool on each project first, it will make things go much smoother. 

Step 4:

Select the "Merge" button to create a new project with the merged dataset.



1. All of your datasets will need to be in the same projection in order to merge. 
2. There are other cool features available when in the Compare view:


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