How to Hot-Swap Batteries on the M300

For large missions requiring multiple batteries.



  1. Ensure the m300 propellers have stopped after landing.
  2. Have a set of batteries ready and bring them to the drone.
  3. Unlock the batteries on the back of the m300 while holding 1 (one) of the original batteries in place.
  4. While securing one battery, remove the other.
  5. Insert a new battery into the vacant slot. 
  6. Lock the batteries in place to ensure the new battery is fully inserted in the battery slot. 
  7. Unlock and repeat steps 3-6 for the other original battery. 
  8. Takeoff! 

If your return to flight is delayed by more than 3-4 minutes, it is probably better to end the collection and start a new data collection. 

No need to re-do your figure 8s if you didn't power cycle the unit. Just fly back to the last point collected in your mission and resume.