Importing Your Deliverables Into CAD and GIS Software

Follow these steps for an easy way to get your data from Rock Cloud into AutoCAD and QGIS (3rd Party/Non-ROCK) Softwares

1. Order your deliverables in Rock Cloud.

2. View the Deliverables tab and select Ordered Deliverables.

3.  Download the deliverables:

  • If your deliverable is a DWG or DXF you can open directly in CAD.
  • If your deliverable is in shapefile format (.shp and associated files) you can download those files and then use the MAPIMPORT command in Autodesk products.  Then follow the prompts to insert into your CAD file. 
  • If you are using QGIS, simply drag and drop your downloaded files 


Does your ROCK Cloud Deliverable look good in the ROCK Cloud but not when importing into other CAD/GIS Softwares? Check the following:

  • Try a different file format. We give the option to download and import .shp, DWG or DXF (which all contain the same information) to improve the usability of your deliverables in 3rd party softwares.
  • If your ROCK Cloud Deliverable appears to be in the wrong location when imported, please ensure that your 3rd party software projection is set correctly. 
  • Contact the Support for the 3rd party software to ensure they allow the import or request assist with the settings to allow the imported file visualization.


Here's a video showing this process in CAD as well as how to drag and drop into QGIS: