How to make your poorly colorized point looking point cloud appear normal again!

Here's how to change the ROCK Orientation in PCPainter to fix your colorization issues.

Follow these steps: 

Step 1: Open your PCPainter project - ppk.pcpp

Step 2: Right click on one of the camera icons or in the point cloud and click "Enter Camera Here" or "Switch Camera Here" and it probably looks strange like this where the lidar shows the road left to right but the photo is north to south: 

wrong orientation

Step 3: Make sure your ROCK Orientation is set correctly. This can vary from drone to drone but with the R2A on the m300 it should be 180/0/0. Note that this one was incorrectly set at -90 degrees.

Step 4: After correcting the ROCK orientation this same photo now resembles the correct scene 

right orientation

Step 5: Produce your colorized your point cloud!