How to order ROCK Planimetrics from Orthomosaic Maps

You can use the ROCK Cloud to create excellent 2D planimetric data from your Ortho!

Step 1: Create a project.

create a project

Step 2:  Select the appropriate CRS (Coordinate Reference System). 

select crs

Step 3: Upload the geoTIFF image in the same coordinate system.

add ortho

Step 4: After the image visualizes, go to the Measurements toolbar on the right side and use the Measure Area tool to select the Planimetrics area.  select area with measure area tool


Step 5: Finalize your area selection and Save your project. 

enhanced processing and save

Step 6: Click Order on the ROCK Planimetrics Marketplace. 

order button

Step 7: Select the setting, any Add-Ons you need, and the delivery time and hit Order! 

order screen

Here's how to determine what to put in the Setting menu:

Here's more info on Custom Symbols: