Ordering ROCK Planimetrics from Orthomosaic Maps

You can use the ROCK Cloud to create excellent 2D planimetric data from your Ortho!

Step 1: Log in to your ROCK Cloud account and create a project.

create a project

Step 2:  Select the appropriate CRS (Coordinate Reference System). 

select crs

Step 3: Upload the geoTIFF image in the same coordinate system.

add ortho

Step 4: After the image visualizes, go to the Measurements toolbar on the right side and use the Measure Area tool to select the Planimetrics area.  

Step 5: Finalize your area selection and Save your project. 

Step 6: Click Order or Request Quote on the ROCK Planimetrics Deliverable to get started with processing your Planimetric Deliverable.


Here's how to determine if your Planimetrics setting is Rural, Semi-urban or Urban https://learn.rockrobotic.com/difference-between-rural-and-urban-projects

Here's  info on using Custom Symbols in your Planimetric Deliverable: https://learn.rockrobotic.com/custom-planimetric-symbols