Removing Expired License Keys from PCMaster

Here's how to easily remove all your temporary or expired licenses so just your current active license populates in your license manager.

Step 1: Document the license key you need

  • Open up LLMForm.exe in your RockRobotic-PCMasterGL folder
  • Take a screenshot or write down the active license key you'll be using going forward

  • It should look something like this:

Step 2: Uninstall PCMaster

  • Go to Add or Remove Programs in Windows 
  • Uninstall PCMasterGL
    uninstall prompt

Step 3: Clean any remaining files

  • If the PCMasterGL folder still remains in your RockRobotic folder in your C:// Drive, delete the folder


Step 4: Reinstall PCMaster

  • Reinstall the latest version of PCMaster, it can be found in the Rock Robotic Software Updates on the ROCK Community Page here.

Step 5: Verify your License Manager is clear of all licenses

  • Open LLMForm.exe as in Step 1
  • It should look like the below image

Step 6: Activate your active license

  • Once it's active, you're good to go!