How to Subscribe to ROCK SLAM Services

Ready to SLAM?! Here's how to subscribe to ROCK SLAM and get started with collecting data.

What's Included

Each ROCK SLAM Processing subscription tier includes the following benefits for the time process specified:

  • Unlimited SLAM data processing (30 minute maximum per SLAM collection)
  • ROCK Support via chat or email to assist with SLAM capture and processing
  • ROCK Cloud tools to align and project SLAM data for the time period specified. 

How to Subscribe

1. Log in to your ROCK Cloud Business Account

2. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner of ROCK Cloud

3. Locate your unit serial number (learn how here

4.  Click "Register Products" and enter your serial number 

5. Next, click "Enable SLAM" to choose your subscription tier, pay and get SLAMMIN'!

6. Select your SLAM Subscription preference and enter your payment information


If you have any questions about SLAM Subscriptions, contact our ROCK Technical Sales Team at and they will be happy to assist you!