Intro: ROCK Surveyor APP

An introduction to the ROCK Surveyor APP

One of the key deliverables produced from aerial LiDAR data is a bare earth surface model called a Digital Elevation Model (DEM), and Contours.  To generate these deliverables, the ROCK cloud offers the ROCK Surveyor APP which processes raw LiDAR data and produce a ground classified LAS, DEM, Contours, and a Ground Control Report (Business Plan Only).


A DEM (Digital Elevation Model) and Contours allow you to get accurate insight into the ground topography.  One of the key advantages of LiDAR vs. Photogrammetry techniques is the ability of the LiDAR to penetrate through vegetation canopy and accurately measure the bare earth surface.

When you order the ROCK Surveyor APP, the ROCK A.I. Engine gets to work.  The A.I. Engine meticulously classifies the LiDAR data as Ground and Non-Ground. 

Once the ground is accurately determined, then a DEM and contours are generated. The deliverable DEM and contour lines are delivered in the most popular formats so you can import into any CAD or GIS software packages. Additionally, you can view the contours right on the ROCK Cloud!


  1. Ground Classified laz file
  2. SHP file containing geometry data
  3. DBF attribute format file
  4. SHX shape index file
  5. DEM in TIF format
  6. Accuracy Report (Business Plan)

Example Project

An example project can be found here:


The ROCK Surveyor APP is priced at $2 an acre.  The area is calculated for your project and the cost will be presented on the Checkout screen from the APP Marketplace

Quality Control/Quality Assurance

At ROCK, we understand that each project is vital and mistakes can't happen.  Each project goes through the A.I. engine and is then verified by an engineer at ROCK robotic.  If there is any issues with your data, please contact and we will get it fixed!