Introducing the New ROCK R2A

learn about the new ROCK R2A aerial mapping systems. Learn the specs, components, and accuracy


Introducing the all new ROCK R2A aerial mapping system.  The R2A is the second generation LiDAR payload from ROCK robotic and can be used on a multitude of unmanned aerial vehicles.  The system provides 5cm colorized LiDAR data and a 1-click post processing desktop software.

 Who Should Consider this System

The R2A is a complete geospatial system that serves the following industrial users:

  • Corridor mapping

  • Mining (volume calculation)

  • Construction site monitoring

  • Environmental changes (time series)

  • Forestry

  • Contour mapping

  • Leveling/Excavation

  • Archaeology and cultural heritage

  • Highway construction

What's in the System:

The R2A surveyor package comes with the aerial LiDAR R2A payload, base station, and desktop post processing software.

The R2A:

Here are the components that make up the R2A:

  • LiVOX AVIA LiDAR Sensor
  • Inertial Labs INS-D 
  • Novatel RTK GNSS
  • Sony a5100 24 MP camera

Base Station:

The R2A is sold together with the EMLID Reach RS2 GNSS receiver.  The Reach RS2 is an ideal base station for static raw GNSS observation.  The R2A works with all L1/L2 multiband receivers including: Trimble R8, R10, R12, CHC X900, and Topcon units. 

Desktop Software

The 1-Click desktop post processing software takes the raw data from the R2A and the base station and converts it into a calibrated colorized point cloud file in WGS84 UTM ellipsoidal height.