Zip Your LAS For Faster Upload

We recommend using laszip to reduce your file size for faster upload and processing

Laszip is a compression algorithm which will significantly reduce the size of your las files resulting in more efficient uploading and processing. 

Example compression:
4.56 GB las file --> compresses to --> 1.16 GB laz file



Install with Windows

1. Download laszip cli from

Run the laszip

  •  Right click and open the laszip cli you downloadedAll-Images-Awesome-Screenshot
  • Drag and drop (or copy & paste) the colorized .las into the input file command line, delete the quotations around file name and hit enterKnowledge (1)
  • Drag and drop (or copy & paste) the same file into the output file command line, delete the quotations.
  • Rename the extension from .las to .laz then hit enterKnowledge (3)
  • Observe the .laz populate in your project folder, make sure it fully downloads before proceeding. The program window will have an "Enter" prompt when the download is complete.
  • You are now ready to upload your .laz into your ROCK Cloud Project.



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