LiDAR is corrupt at offset **** Error.

Likely you've had an improper shutdown and had to load the .data files as a new project in PCMaster. Check your Linear/Angular/Orientation Values, and proceed as normal.

Did you get an error that looks like this?

If so it's not a cause for concern, but make sure to check your LiDAR's Bore-Sight and Orientation values against a previous project as they might not have been adopted.

Likely the reason you're seeing this is because you had an improper shutdown and had to load a "New Project" by selecting all the .data files from the [data] folder.

When this happens the unit's default parameters are not written to the ppk.pcmp file because there isn't one and you are recreating it now. So make sure to check and compare these values with a previous (properly shutdown) project. If they are 0s make sure to copy the correct values before you Produce LAS or Save Project. (note: you can simply save it in the project folder ask it should be named normally ppk.pcmp)

Linear Rotation

Angular Rotation

ROCK Orientation

Cloud Filter