How To Manually Classify Your Point Cloud on Your ROCK Project

Whether you're wanting to clean out reflective points or build you classification sets on your own, the manual classification tool gives you the ability to quickly edit your data on the ROCK cloud

  • In the 3D "Lidar" view on the ROCK Cloud select the pencil tool on the right hand toolbar.

  • Select the "Plus" button in the top right to start a classification box.

  • Choose the action "classify points" in the first dropdown.
  • Adjust the location, size, and rotation of your bounding box with the colored spheres, lines, and arcs to envelope ONLY the points you want to classify in this run.
    • Whatever points are in the box will be categorized as the point classification you choose (next step). You'll see the effected points re-colored as white in the below screenshot.

  • In the "From Class" drop down - select the starting classification for the points (in this case the points have never been classified).

  • Select which classification you'd like these points to be categorized under in the "To Class" drop down below (in this case we are cleaning out low point (noise) in our dataset).

  • Repeat this process to classify all the points you'd like included in this classification category across the dataset.

Capture all your desired points to classify before clicking save. If you select a set of points, click save, select more points, click save, etc etc, it takes our system longer to run through each set as individual classification requests.

  • Click save button in the right tool window.
  •  Click save on the warning pop up in the middle of the screen to reprocess your cloud to include the new classification!


Watch the manual classification tool in action with this amazing bridge dataset using the façade mount! (Classification and explanation begin at 6:20 in the video).