Return to Home Calibration with the R3 Pro

Improper landing procedure will result in a processing failure

At the end of your mission, return to the landing zone at a speed greater than 5 m/s for at least 5 seconds .

As you approach , do not exceed 3 m/s  horizontally while you descend for landing.

Helpful Tips: 

If you are using an M300 & M350, you can use the Return to Home feature and it should provide a sufficient end flight calibration. 

Turning the drone off while the lidar is capturing will result in you being unable to colorize your lidar. Make sure to not accidentally turn off the drone before the lidar. 
If you're doing a small mission and are not at least roughly 1,000 feet (300) meters away from your landing area, just fly away from you before hitting return to home. Easy!