One or more of your uploaded LiDAR files is corrupted

One or more of your uploaded LiDAR files is corrupted. Oh No!

Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 8.32.44 AM

In the Rock Cloud back-end the specific error we see goes something like this:

WARNING: 'compressor was interrupted before writing chunk table of LAZ file' for 'ppk-cloud-1-colorized.laz'
ERROR: 'end-of-file during chunk with index 140' after 7044171 of 30895140 points for 'ppk-cloud-1-colorized.laz'

Normally, the cause of this error is a premature halting of the las / laz file creation on your pre-processing computer.

To solve this problem when creating your pointcloud make sure:

1. You have enough disk space on your computer,

2. Your computer is powerful enough (sufficient RAM memory), and

3. You are not exiting prematurely from the process because the process appears complete

Tip: Try using another computer to create the point cloud or try using the Rock Batch Processor and / or command line versions.