PCMaster Errors Walkthrough

Walkthrough of what each PCMaster popup error means

Failed to find good IMU Rotation and Lever Arm - check vehicle motion

Screenshot - PCMaster Failed Trajectory Error

  • Landing Error
    • Make sure you do the high velocity flight for 7 seconds (minimum) in a straight line, then don't exceed 3 m/s in ANY direction.
    • For step by step on landing procedure see here: Important Landing Procedure
  • Figure 8 "Crabbing"
    • During your "figure 8" portion of the calibration your figure 8 motion was not in a good enough forward motion.
    • You may have moved the aircraft sideways as you made your circles instead of moving your aircraft left and right with the yaw.

Failed to Convert Base Measurements

  • Your RINEX file is corrupted during collection. 
    • Try re-downloading your base files from your Base Station. If this does not work you will need to re-fly or process using a satellite correction (less accuracy).

Failed to Combine LC Trajectories

  • Your calibration did not register the two high velocity portions (you didn't fly faster than 5 m/s for 7 seconds) at takeoff or return.
  • Your calibration flight did not include proper figure 8's to give the IMU the required turns to calibrate.


Failed to Convert GNSS Measurements

  • Files for your base station are not in correct format.
  • Files for your base station are named differently so they're not tying together.
  • Make sure your data is saved on a local drive and IS NOT SYNCING with a cloud system.


Failed to process GNSS Trajectory

  • The base station file you are trying to use does not have time overlap with your flight data.
    • You have the wrong timestamp in the file by requesting the wrong GMT from your correction network.
    • You simply picked the wrong base station file (maybe you have multiple setups that day or multiple files across several days).


Failed to Load Project

  • Your license for PCMaster is not "checked out" by the machine you're running.
  • You had an improper shutdown from battery disconnect during a hotswap, you hard shutdown the unit before the project finished writing, etc.
    • To learn how to try and recover your PCMaster and PCPainter project files see here.

Failed to Process TC Trajectory

  • You did not include the ephemeris data in the base station.
    • This typically occurs in Trimble Units if you loaded the OBS and Rinex Files. Try loading the 21O 21B 21P files.


Generally there are two ways to fix these problems:

Option 1: Re-fly the mission.

Option 2: Contact support@rockrobotic.com and we MAY be able to process your data manually. (This option does require a fee)