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Pre-Processing Software Upgrade

Dear Valued ROCK Robotic LiDAR User,

We are pleased to announce a significant upgrade to our software offerings – ROCK Desktop. This development is part of our continuous efforts to provide you with the most advanced and efficient surveying and mapping experience.

If you are currently utilizing PCmaster, we encourage you to transition to ROCK Desktop. This upgrade is offered at no additional cost to you, and our team has worked tirelessly to ensure the transition process is smooth and intuitive.

ROCK Desktop is designed to offer you unparalleled clarity in the field, with features such as automatic generation and tagging of LAZ photos. Furthermore, we have streamlined the process for uploading your work to the cloud – simply name your project, click upload, and your data will seamlessly synchronize with our system.

For users who may encounter challenges with PCmaster, please note that our support team's initial step will be to guide you through the upgrade to ROCK Desktop. We are committed to providing you with superior user experience and are ready to assist you in this transition.

Thank you for choosing ROCK Robotic as your trusted partner in surveying and mapping. We look forward to continuing to provide you with innovative solutions that meet your needs.

Sincerely, The ROCK Robotic Team