How To Decrease Your Pre-Processing Time

We recommend following these steps to process faster in PCMaster

The PC Master processing speed can be maximized if the user can reliably place the GNSS antenna in approximately the same spot on each flight and follows the steps below. 

The following is a step-by-step guide to this process:

  1. After receiving your R2A and drone, conduct an initial test flight. 
  2. Process per the Rock Academy Tutorials, but expect processing to take a while. It is fine for the processing to continue overnight.
  3. After processing is complete, there will be a PPK Report in the "INS" folder of your R2A project data. 
  4. Open the PPK report and look for "Antenna lever arm =" and the values that follow. It should be near the bottom of the report. Record these values, in order.


5. Power on the R2A using the bench power supply included in your case. Your R2A doesn't have to be on your drone or outside. 

6. Login to the Web-GUI and go to Settings- Geometry. 

7. Transpose the values from your PPK report  in the field labeled "IMU to Primary Antenna Offsets". In the case of the image above you should enter in values as follows: Right: -0.017 ; Forward: -0.107 ; Up: 0.392

8. Tap "Save"

9. Fly your subsequent missions as normal. Now when processing it should reduce the processing time in PCMaster to roughly the same time as the flight. 

Note:  If you need to mount your antenna in a different spot, you'll need to clear the values from the R2A WebGUI as those will lead to an incorrect trajectory. On the m300, this shouldn't be an issue. Other drone systems have not been evaluated by this tutorial.