R2A System Package Contents

Rock Robotic provides and supports a complete drone lidar solution for mapping and surveying

Rock R2A Hardware

Rock Software

  • PCMaster - calibrate the flights using PPK. Create a point cloud in LAS.
  • PCPainter - colorize the point cloud. Geo-tag photos to process in photogrammetry.
  • Rock Cloud - point cloud viewer and  tools.
  • Marketplace - Order deliverables on-demand.

Rock Robotic Support and links

Recommended Hardware (Sold Separately)

Compatible Hardware (Sold Separately)

  • Equivalent Base Station - L1/L2 RINEX at 1Hz
  • UAS (Basically anything that will lift 1200 grams or 2.7 lbs)
    • M300
    • M200 / M210
    • M600 - Vibration isolator mount with Skyport adapter

    • Freefly (Astro, Alta 6, 8, X) - Freefly adapter
    • Skyfront
    • Skyfish

Mission Planning Software (Sold Separately)

  • Apple iPad / iPhone, Android Tablet / Phone, Laptop
  • Mission Control App 
      • DJI Pilot
      • UgCS
      • Drone Deploy (currently has issues with custom cameras, wait for next version)
      • Pix4D Capture
      • DJI GS
      • Maps Made Easy (aka Map Pilot Pro)
      • QCGS
      • Q Ground Control (PX4 based Flight Controller)
      • Compatible with all autopilot mission planning software

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