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Introducing the ROCK R2A NSA

Welcome to Rock Robotic! We have developed this tutorial with your success in mind.

Watch the ROCK R2A Intro

The Rock R2A Tutorial will cover the following topics:



  1. ROCK R2A Specifications
  2. Package Contents



  1. Install the R2A
  2. Start the R2A
  3. R2A Button and LED Lights
  4. Calibrate and Fly the R2A
  5. LiDAR Mission Planning Fundamentals
  6. Create a Mission Plan
  7. LiDAR Mission Planning: DJI Pilot
  8. Important Landing Procedure


Data Collection

  1. Set up the Reach RS2
  2. USB Drive Specifications
  3. Retrieve the R2A data



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ROCK R2A Tutorial 

R2A Specifications