ROCK R3 Pro V2 Mobile Mount Setup

ROCK is happy to offer our new Mobile Mount kit for the R3 Pro V2 unit. The ROCK Mobile Mount is an essential tool for enhancing mobile mapping with the ROCK SLAM Dock V2 and R3 Pro V2 LiDAR system.

Mobile Mount Instructions

Mobile Mount Contents

YourR3 Pro V2 Mobile Mount will come with the following items:

  • Mobile Mount x 1
  • ROCK Slam Dock x 1
  • Suction Cups x 4
  • Standoffs x 4
  • Tethers x 1
  • GPS Cable x1
  • Power Cables x 1
  • Power Brick x 1

You will need to use an existing R3 Pro V2 unit for LiDAR data collection.  The camera will need to be removed from the existing R3 Pro V2 unit.  For installation purposes, we recommend an additional USB-C to USB-C extension cable.  

Follow these steps to install

  • Preparing the Mobile Mount: Clean the surface where the mount will be attached with Windex or similar to ensure a secure fit.
  • Attaching the SLAM Dock V2: Attach the SLAM Dock V2 to the Mobile Mount using the screw attachment points.
  • Mounting the R3 Pro V2 LiDAR: Attach the R3 Pro V2 LiDAR to the Mobile Mount by simply sliding it in aligning with the pins and screwing it down. 
  • Attaching the antenna: Attach the fixed lever arm antenna to the Mobile Mount, with caution  to handle the RF cables gently.
  • Installing the Mobile Mount: Attach the Mobile Mount to a smooth clean surface, ensuring the
    antenna is upright and full suction of the suction cups.
  • Securing the Mobile Mount: Safely secure the Mobile Mount with the “Oh Crap” strap,  ensuring that the mount is locked in tight to avoid movement.
  • Powering up: Install your battery to the device in order to ensure that the device is able
    to power on.
  • Ready to map!: Now that the Mobile Mount is installed and safely attached to your vehicle,
    you are ready to begin your mobile mapping journey

Watch this video for visual instructions.