How-to Run a Standardized Bench Test

Follow these steps to run a standardized bench test on your ROCK Robotic LiDAR unit

If you encounter any problems completing these steps during your bench test, please email and note the steps taken and the results you obtained so that we may assist you to identify the issue.

Step 1 - Find a location to run the bench test that is visible to satellites, so the unit can communicate effectively (i.e. - next to window or outdoors), and a power source (to provide power to the unit)


Step 2 - Remove the LiDAR unit and connect the power cables from case (power brick, power cord, and XT60 adapter). Connect the plug from these into power source/outlet. 



Step 3 - Insert the USB and remove the lens cover from the camera 


Step 4 - Plug power cord in to the skyport adapter of your LiDAR unit as shown below and plug in the GNSS Antenna




Step 5 - Power up the LiDAR unit by pressing the power button 1- time. Wait for the unit to audibly spool up and the camera to initialize (2 audible shutter clicks)

Step 6 - Connect to LiDAR unit's wifi and access the web GUI menu per normal operations


Step 7 - Format your USB, ensure your firmware is up to date, name your project "benchtest", and press "start" to begin scanning


Step 8 - Run your bench test scan for at least 1 minute and then press "stop" and "shutdown"


Step 9 - Remove the USB and begin pre-processing your data.  After pre-processing, upload to the ROCK Cloud to QA/QC your data. 


Reach out to support@rockrobotic if you have any questions or note irregular performance of your LiDAR unit. Let's ROCK!!