SLAM Mode for R3Pro

Easily switch between aerial and SLAM modes

In order to go between SLAM and Aerial data capture you need to switch your LiDAR into "SLAM" mode. If you attach your LiDAR to the SLAM dock, turn it on and it is flashing RED, you know it is not in SLAM mode.

To get your LiDAR into SLAM mode you have two options:

1) Use the Rock Pilot app installed on an Android device.

Note: This app is not currently rated for flight!

Once installed on an Android device:

A) Connect your Android device to the wifi emitting from a turned on R3Pro. Use password: 12345678

B) Open the App and select Airborne or SLAM depending on what setting it is currently in.

C) Once it connects to the LiDAR, select the settings and change from Aerial mode to SLAM mode or vice versa. It will require you to restart the LiDAR.

NOTE: You will need to make sure you are back in aerial mode when you go to fly with GPS collection.

2) Install version 1.00.06 firmware. Note, you cannot use the Rock Pilot app with this firmware. Version 1.00.06 will auto determine if you are on the SLAM dock or if you have GPS and switch to that mode automatically.

Learn how to install firmware here