Intro: Stockpile Analysis

How to use the ROCK Cloud to measure volumetrics and stockpile analysis.

Creating  A Stockpile Measurement

  • Click the Stockpile Analysis Tool in the right tool pane.
  • Click the "Plus" button on the top right of the tool window.
  • Click around your Point Cloud to select the point of calculation.
    • Right Click to finish the bounding procedure.
  • Add a new title to the measurement.
  • Select the base surface you'd like to use for the calculation.
    •  Best fit creates a triangulated surface using a best fit calculation for the elevation of the plane.
    • Min uses the lowest selected point as the elevation for the plane.
    • Max uses the highest selected point as the elevation for the plane. 
  • Accuracy is how small you want to computing triangles to be (the smaller the triangles the less error but more time to calculate).
  • If you make adjustments to the area polygon or accuracy slider click re-calculate to run the area through again to get your new numbers.
  • Repeat the process to build more measurement areas.
  • Click the red save button to keep your edits and measurements.