Uploading a Trajectory to a Project

Visualizing your trajectory in a Rock Cloud project has multiple uses

Locating a Trajectory in your project folder

Your Trajectory file is titled "ppk.txt" and is located in the [ins] folder of your Rock LiDAR project.

Uploading a Trajectory to a Rock Cloud Project

Simply drag the "ppk.txt" file into your project data and it will queue it being visualized once you save.

Uses of a visualized Trajectory in the Map and LiDAR view

There are a number of reasons that it's valuable to have your Trajectory viewable that include:

Map View

-Verifying that your AOI (Area of Interest) as shown by the .kml mirrors the lines of your trajectory

-Identifying where your data was captured on the earth via GNSS data output into the trajectory file

LiDAR View
-Check AGL (Above Ground Level) height in comparison to your point cloud

-View notable actions of your flight


-Elevation Changes

-Battery Swaps

-Take Off/Landing point

-Checking or sharing your convergence maneuver (AKA Figure 8s)

Trajectory LZ and Convergence

-Reference to your .kml

Using as a reference for trimming excess data off the edges of your point cloud prior to processing is a good way of getting a visualization of your .kml in your point cloud to trim points off the edge and make it conform closer to your original flight plan AOI

Delete Points Edge of Trajectory