View | Align | Merge Multiple Datasets

Taking multiple missions either over time or space and adding to 1 viewer to align | compare | merge

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When would I use this

There are so many reasons you can have for needing to see multiple LiDAR datasets in the same viewer. 

  • Comparing data over time
  • aligning 2 or more datasets to each other
  • merging into one dataset
  • and many more. 
Here you will learn how to view multiple datasets in one viewer.

Prerequisites for Compare and Merge

The Compare feature and the Merge feature are available as part of a  Folder.  So a prerequisite for comparing and merging is to first create a folder and place multiple projects inside the folder. 

Comparing and merging happens between multiple projects.  If you place multiple .LAS in one project, then they will all appear as 1 in the viewer.  

 Creating a Folder and Adding Projects

Here I assume you have created 2 or more projects and those projects have already been projected into the same projection.  Now you can create a folder by clicking the add folder button and naming it.  Once you have created a folder you can click on the 3 dots in the top right of a project and select move to folder and select the folder you just created, and finally select Move.

Now repeat this for as many projects you want to include in your folder

Launch a compare viewer to see the Multiple Datasets

First navigate to the folder and once in the folder you are presented with two new options on the top of the screen Compare and Merge. Right now we will focus on compare, but after you have compared and aligned your datasets and saved them, you can use the merge to take all the projects in the folder and create a new project that merges all the data together.

Once you have clicked the Compare button, you will see a map view with all your datasets listed on the left column and the project center pins on the map.  From here we can click on the LiDAR button.

Using the Quick tools to compare datasets

Often it is most useful to false color each dataset into a seperate color, so you can easily align multiple datasets to each other.  In the Quick Tools menu select compare, then you will be able to toggle on and off individual datasets and have them automatically colorized to tell them apart

Once you have your datasets colored so you can easily tell them apart, you can open the Navigate icon and align the datasets to each other.

Make sure to save any movement.  If you do not click save, then all movement will be lost after you leave the page or refresh your browser.

Viewing Data over Time

To view data over time, go to the Quick Tools then select the Navigate Through Time and then you can cycle through the time on each scan


Merge your results

After you have aligned your datasets and are satisfied, you can click the green Merge button on the bottom left of the screen.  This will merge all your datasets into 1 project.  This one project can now have deliverables ordered from them.