What do I do if PCMaster isn't processing correctly?

90% of issues are resolved by answering the following questions. Taking the time to answer these questions helps point you in the right direction for solving your pre-processing problem.

Review the following questions to help you narrow down what is impairing successful creation of your point cloud with PCMaster.

1. Do you have the most current version of R2A firmware installed?

2. Do you have the most current version of PCMaster installed?

3. Do you have the most current version of PCPainter installed?

4. Did you transfer all of the data from the thumb drive to a folder on your computer?

5. What base station receiver did you use?

6. If using the Emlid Reach Base Station, are you on the most current firmware version?

7. What settings did you use when capturing the base station data (provide screenshot of settings)?

8. Are all 3 Rinex files from your base station in the same folder and placed within the PCMaster project folder?

9. Provide a screenshot of the Novatel License Manager located at
C:\RockRobotic\PCMasterGL → Run LLMform.exe showing the license activated.

10. How much free space (memory) is available on the drive your project is on?

11. What are the specs of your processing computer?

12. Have you tried processing on another computer?

13. Has your unit been involved in a crash, drop or hard bump?

If answering these questions doesn't yield the solution to your pre-processing problem you have a few options:

1. If you have purchased ROCK Onboarding Training & Support please reach out to the Support Team via email or live chat. 

2. If you have not purchased Support, please post in the ROCK Community where other community members often have good advice (the ROCK Support Team checks in several times a week as well).