What is LiDAR?

LiDAR is a remote sensing technology that uses light to measure distances, and is commonly used in applications such as surveying and mapping.

Lidar systems are commonly used in a variety of applications, including self-driving cars, 3D mapping, and surveying. Here at Rock Robotic we aim to support whatever use you have! 

A lidar system typically consists of a laser, a scanner, and a receiver. The laser emits a pulse of light, which travels to the target and reflects back to the receiver. By measuring the time it takes for the light to travel to and from the target, the lidar system can calculate the distance to the target with high accuracy.

At ROCK Robotic we have the R360 and R2A Scanners which use superior IMU technology and cutting edge lasers to get you the best data possible. 

Lidar can provide high-resolution, three-dimensional (3D) data of the Earth's surface. This makes it an important tool for a variety of applications, such as mapping the topography of an area, creating digital elevation models, and measuring the height of buildings and trees.

ROCK Surveyor helps you get high quality deliverables in as little as a few hours! 

Lidar has also been used in archaeology to create detailed maps of ancient sites, and in forestry to measure the height and density of trees. 

Overall, lidar is a powerful technology that is providing valuable data and enabling new applications in a variety of fields.