Why are there no pictures with my dataset?

Either you haven't unpacked it yet, or the camera failed to initialize.

Your dataset is contained in a single stream of .data files on the USB at the end of your mission. So there will not be a [camera] [ins] [lidar] folder present until you click the ppk.pcmp file to initialize unpacking and trajectory processing.

The other possibility is that your camera didn't initialize properly on boot. The R2A is set to boot the camera when the R2A system starts up. If the camera fails to start within the boot process it will automatically attempt to re-boot the camera.

When you turn on your LiDAR unit the camera shutter will click twice, and when you start your capture it will start clicking at the predetermined interval. If you don't hear the camera clicking either wait for it to initialize or simply restart your unit and it will initialize correctly and you're good to go.