Why aren't the photos in my colorized point cloud aligned in the ROCK Cloud?

See below for troubleshooting tips for common causes of photo misalignment.

Scenario 1:

My photos look topsy turvy!

Solution: Check your Photo Orientation in PCPainter. You may need to adjust your orientation yaw, pitch and/or roll. 


topsy turvey


fixed orientation

Scenario 2: My photos look poorly aligned. 

Solution 1: If what you are observing is near where you took off and landed  that indicates the take-off and landing portions of your flight were included in your trajectory selection and you are getting double pictures.

The first thing to try in this scenario is to remove the photos taken during take-off/calibration and landing in PCPainter. Re-run PCPainter and then upload your new point cloud in the ROCK Cloud and reassess. 


My photos are still not looking right!


Solution 2:  If there is a visible issue with colorization across the entire data set, that points to a calibration issue. The most common cause of camera calibration issues occur because the unit sustained a bump, drop or crash. Your unit may also benefit from camera calibration annually or sooner depending on the amount of use. 

See article Calibrate the R2A RGB Camera

Here's a slightly misaligned dataset (note the circled areas)

slight misalignment

After alignment, the issue is resolved! In this case, just the Pitch value need to be changed: