How to Reset the Wi-Fi on your LiDAR Unit

If you can't see the Wi-Fi network of your ROCK LiDAR unit read this

If you made changes to the SSID or password of your unit or you can't see your Wi-Fi network try resetting the system.

If you reset your wifi password and it wasn't longer than 8 characters the security protocols lock you out of your wifi network so you will not see a network show up when you power on your LiDAR unit.

  • Create an EMPTY file in notepad and save it as "wifi-reset" on your computer OR download this file: Wifi Reset File.
    • Make sure you remove the .txt extension afterwards so it just reads "wifi-reset"
  • Upload this file to your ROCK LiDAR USB drive.
  • Plug the USB into your LiDAR unit.
  • Power on the unit.
  • Wait for unit to power up and run the reset automatically (should take about 45 to 120 seconds).
  • Wifi network should show up in the default SSID and have the default password.

    Wireless Network Name Password
    ROCK-####### rocklidar