Merging ROCK Cloud Deliverables

Use these easy steps when you want to combine your ROCK Cloud Deliverables into one project.


Example Use Case: 

  • Project A and Project B already have ROCK Surveyor deliverables previously ordered. You can now merge Project A and Project B into Project C which will update the ROCK Surveyor Deliverable to reflect the merge. 

Step 1: Order your deliverables on all applicable projects

Step 2: Merge your completed projects per  our compare and merge article  

Please Note:

- Projects can only be merged with like deliverables, i.e a ROCK surveyor project can only be merged with another ROCK Surveyor project and not a Planimetric project.

- This merge process  can only take place once all applicable projects deliverables are completed (done processing and returned to you). 

- If you have a project with two like deliverables on each project, i.e. two projects with both ROCK Surveyor and ROCK Planimetrics deliverables processed for both,  then it will create  a merged deliverable  containing the merged Surveyor order and the merged Planimetric order. 

- This process can be performed with multiple projects! 

- There should be very little if any realignment of the point clouds necessary after the merge if your initial projects  are properly aligned with  their GCPs.


- Please note that the merged deliverables WILL NOT go back through our QA process. Contact the Support Team by emailing if you have questions about the presentation of your merged deliverables. 

Step 3: The resulting merged project will begin to process  and you will receive an email once processing completes. The deliverables from your projects are merged so you can use them in your workflow  right away.