How to Activate and Return Your ROCK Desktop Processing License

Your ROCK Desktop processing license is tied to your ROCK Cloud account and can only be active on one computer at a time.


We do not recommend activating ROCK Desktop on a Virtual Machine (VM) due to the risk of the VM experiencing difficulty that makes the license hard to return. If your ROCK Desktop license becomes inaccessible to return on a VM it is not easily manually released and may result in needing to purchase a new license.  

How to activate your ROCK Desktop License

  1. Open ROCK Desktop on your computer.
  2. Click File, then select Preferences.

  3. Click on User and then click the blue LOGIN button. Login with the ROCK Cloud account your processing license is assigned to.

  4. Once logged in, you will see your license. If you had a previous license(s), you will see these listed as expired below your current one. If you see Activate next to the license, this indicates that the processing license is free to activate or check out on your computer. You will also see what device the license was last activated on. 

  5. Click Activate to check out the license on your computer and proceed with processing. Once activated, the current processing license will not be available for activation on a different computer as it is a single seat license. You will also observe that the Activate button will change to Return. 

  6. If  the license activated on a different computer you will receive the notification shown below. From here you will need to go back to that device and release the license for activation on your different desired device. 

  7. If you are confident that the processing license is not activated on any other devices and you are still receiving the notification that it is active on another computer, click REFRESH LICENSES then try to activate the license again. 

  8. If inability to activate the license still persists, click on the gear or settings icon and then click on DELETE ALL LICENSES FROM STORAGE and then click on REFRESH LICENSES again.

  9. If you complete the above recommended steps and you are still unable to activate your ROCK Desktop license please do the following:
    1. Log out of ROCK Desktop
    2. Close out ROCK Desktop
    3. Open ROCK Desktop
    4. Log in using your ROCK Cloud credentials
    5. Try to activate your license again.
  10. After processing your data, be sure to click on Return once you are done as a best process to allow you to grab the license again on any device. Wait to see that the Return button has changed to Activate before closing out ROCK Desktop.


If you are unable to activate your processing license after completing the troubleshooting steps outlined above, email ROCK Support at

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