Purchase your ROCK Desktop Pre-Processing License from your ROCK Cloud Account!

You can now purchase your ROCK Desktop License directly from your ROCK Cloud account for instant access to processing your point cloud.

ROCK Desktop Pre-Processing Licenses are good for one year from date of activation and require annual renewal. This license allows you to take your raw LiDAR data collected with the ROCK R2A, R360 and/or R3Pro and process it on the ROCK Desktop software into a point cloud that you can then upload into the ROCK Cloud for measuring, editing, sharing, ordering deliverables, etc. 

The Desktop License provides data processing for up to a 40km distance from your base station location. 

The cost of the Desktop License is $2000.00 USD. 


Follow these steps to purchase your ROCK Cloud Desktop License and get ready to ROCK!

1. Click on your Profile Icon in the right upper corner of your ROCK Cloud account

2. Select "View Profile"

3.  Select "Add Processing License" from under the Registered Products section of your ROCK Cloud Dashboard

4. Select the quantity of licenses you want to purchase and click the "Order" button

5. Follow the workflow to enter in your payment information and complete the purchase of your license.

6. When you return the your ROCK Cloud account dashboard after completing the purchase, you will see your new license under the Registered Products section. Click the blue "Enable" button to signal you are ready to begin using the license. Your license is now good for one year from the date your enabled it. 

7. Now you are ready to process your lidar data in ROCK Desktop! 


Please email support@rockrobotic.com if you need to purchase your ROCK Desktop License via another method and we will be happy to assist you.