How to use ROCK Desktop for Converting and Uploading Point Clouds

ROCK Desktop is a powerful point cloud visualizer and converter!

Step 1: If you are a ROCK LiDAR user, follow the instructions to download ROCK Desktop here

If you are using a .las from a different LiDAR, find the link to download ROCK Desktop here

Step 2: Open the program and you'll be greeted with this screen.

Step 3: Drag and drop any LAS file or use the "SELECT FILE" option.  Click the "CONVERT" button. 

Step 4: Let ROCK Desktop do the work! It will convert to LAZ.

Step 5: View the point cloud in ROCK Desktop.

Step 6: Upload to ROCK Cloud, by clicking the "upload" icon in the top right.  Add a Name and Description for the dataset, then click, "SAVE".   

Step 7: Your Data is in ROCK Cloud!