What files can be uploaded to Project Data?

LiDAR, geotiffs, KMLs, trajectories and more can all be uploaded and displayed on your Rock Cloud project!


The ROCK Cloud supports .las, .laz., .e57, .pts, and .ply files. LAZ files are compressed and lossless LAS files. The compression of these files can be extraordinary. We recommend that all .las files be converted to .laz files prior to upload. If converted prior to upload, there will be a substantial savings in upload time and cloud storage space used.

Visit laszip.org to download the command-line version 'laszip-cli.exe' or the GUI version 'laszip.exe'.


Upload a geotiff (.tiff or .tif) file into the "Data" tab for it to display on the map view. This can be an orthomosaic, DEM, or any other type of geotiff. We will process these files to ensure they load quickly on the map view.

Be sure the geotiff is in the correct projection. It will need to be in the defined crs projection or reprojection (if applicable).


Upload a shp file into the "Data" tab. We will process and display the contour information on your map view.


Upload a kml/kmz file into the "Data" tab. We will process and display the kml information on your map view.

It is expected that your KML/KMZ data is in WGS 84 (EPSG: 4326). We will reproject this information to display on your map appropriately.


Upload .jpg photos to the "photos" tab. If these photos contain lat/long exif data they will display on the map view.


Upload R2A trajectory file to the "Data" tab to display the trajectory on the Map and LiDAR view.

Be sure the trajectory contains the word "trajectory", "ppk.txt", or "-traj".

Other File Types

Other valid file types are: txt gzip cmd pcmp rtcm3 gps imr livx pos img pcpp shp dbf cpg prj shx e57 pts ply zip kml kmz xyz scan out tif tiff. If you upload these files they will be displayed on the Deliverables sidebar if "Display Project Data with Deliverables" is checked within the "Add Deliverables" modal.