Simple Flight Checklist for ROCK R360 & R2A

Quick reference on how to conduct flight


  1. Ensure the LiDAR payload is secured to the drone, wifi antenna is attached, and GPS antenna is connected.

  2. If using an external battery source for the LiDAR, ensure there is enough voltage for the mission.

  3. Ensure you have formatted the supplied USB stick for the flight.

  4. Ensure your base station is logging RINEX data.

  5. Power on the LiDAR payload and ensure no errors are being displayed on the status page.

  6. Start recording data.

  7. Let UAV sit completely still for at least 15 seconds once turned on.


  1. Take off and fly directly vertical.

  2. For at least 5 seconds fly greater than 5 m/s in a straight line in the forward direction of flight.

  3. Fly at least one figure 8 pattern

  4. Start the mission


  1. At the end of your mission, fly directly forward back to the landing zone at a speed greater than 5 m/s. Once you get overhead, do not exceed 2 m/s in horizontal speed while you turn the drone and bring it in for a landing.

    • Typically, an automatic return to home should satisfy these requirements. If the drone is very close to the landing zone, you can manually fly away from the landing zone then intitiate return to home at the appropriate distance. 
  2. Once landed, don't move the system for 30 seconds.

  3. Log in to the LiDAR and stop collecting data.