Unboxing the R3 Pro

Here's what comes with your purchase!

Welcome to your new R3 Pro LiDAR scanner! This guide will walk you through all the components included in your package and provide some insights into their functions. Happy mapping!


You will find the following items when you open your R3 Pro Case:





The ROCK R3 Pro, equipped with a Hesai Pandar XT32 Sensor, is a powerful tool for capturing high-resolution point cloud data for your surveying and mapping projects.

26 Megapixel Detachable Camera

The 26-megapixel detachable camera captures high-resolution detailed imagery to work in tandem with the LiDAR scanner. This imagery is used to colorize your point cloud data to create rich, detailed data. You can also use the images to make orthophotos in 3rd party software like Pix4D! 

Skyport Antenna Mount Assembly

The Skyport Antenna Mount Assembly connects the ROCK R3 Pro to your drone. It provides power from the drone to the LiDAR through the Skyport while also providing a consistent and sturdy lever arm to hold your GNSS antenna. This mount ensures that the scanner remains stable during flight, providing consistent and accurate data. With a fixed lever arm, you never have to wonder what your offset is, or wait longer for processing to calculate it! 

GNSS Antenna

The GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) antenna is a crucial component of your R3 Pro package. This antenna receives signals from multiple satellite systems, providing precise positioning data that ensures the accuracy of your LiDAR scans. It connects to the Antenna Mount Assembly! 

Removable Flash Drive

This USB drive is used to store and transfer your LiDAR data and images, making it easy to move your data from the scanner to your computer for processing. Make sure to only use this type of flash drive! Here's which one to get!

Protective Case

Your R3 Pro comes in a sturdy,  protective case to ensure that your equipment stays safe and secure during transport and storage.