Unboxing your R3 Pro SLAM Bundle

Let's SLAM!

Welcome to your new ROCK R3 Pro SLAM Bundle! This guide will walk you through all the components included in your package and provide some insights into their functions. Let's get started!

The ROCK R3 Pro

The first item you'll find in your package is the ROCK R3 Pro itself, equipped with a Hesai Pandar XT32 Sensor. This powerful device is the heart of your mapping operations, capable of capturing high-resolution point cloud data for your surveying and mapping projects.

Flash Drive

You'll find a removable flash drive in your R3 Pro package. This drive is used to store and transfer your LiDAR data and images, making it easy to move your data from the scanner to your computer for processing. 

SLAM Case, Dock, and Accessories

The SLAM Case houses your SLAM Dock and accessories, including a telescopic rod, SLAM battery, USB -C Battery cable, and shoulder strap. These components enable you to capture ground-level data, complementing the aerial data captured by the R3 Pro.


Your ROCK R3 Pro SLAM Bundle comes with a 1 year SLAM subscription, providing you with peace of mind as you embark on your surveying and mapping projects. SLAM as much as you can!