What is the difference between ROCK Desktop Pre-Processing Software and the ROCK Cloud?

Both require annual renewal.

ROCK Desktop Software 

  • The ROCK Desktop Pre-Processing Software is used to turn your R2A, R360 and/or R3Pro raw lidar data (along with your base station data) into your point cloud (.las)
  • You can purchase a ROCK Desktop Pre-Processing license directly from your ROCK Cloud account


ROCK Cloud 

  • ROCK Cloud Subscriptions are used to upload, store, analyze and edit your point cloud (.las/.laz), depending on the features of your subscription tier.  
  • The ROCK Cloud is also where you order your deliverables including ROCK Surveyor, Hydrology, Planimetrics and Vegetation Management.
    • You can view more information on what's included for each deliverable as well as a cost estimation calculator you can use for your projects by logging into your ROCK Cloud Account and clicking on the "Marketplace" icon in the left hand menu bar. 
  • If you need to renew or make changes to your ROCK Cloud Account Subscription, please email sales@rockrobotic.com and we will be happy to help!

If you don't have a ROCK Cloud account yet, sign up for a free trial and start exploring!