How-to Update your R3Pro Firmware

Instructions for Updating R3Pro Firmware and Setting Up M350 for R3Pro Aerial Collection

Updating R3Pro Firmware

  1. Download available firmware update from your ROCK Cloud account
  2. Make a folder on your USB
  3. Name it "update" (all lowercase)
  4. Put the zipped firmware file into the "update" folder - DO NOT UNZIP/UNCOMPRESS THE FIRMWARE FILE
  5. Return your USB to your R3Pro. Turn on the R3Pro by pushing the button once.
  6. The firmware update will automatically initiate. It takes about a minute to complete. 
  7. The R3Pro will shut off when it's done and the firmware file will have been removed from the USB assuming it was a successful update.
  8. Then start the R3Pro again when you are ready for data collection and you're good!