When you start your R3Pro unit, it will begin a GNSS Test. If the GNSS Test fails, here are some troubleshooting steps.

After powering on your R3Pro unit, you will see a  red light to indicate that your unit is performing the GNSS Test.  The test should take about 1 minute before the light changes to solid green to indicate the GNSS Test has passed.  If your light remains red, please follow the troubleshooting steps below.

  • Ensure that your R3Pro unit and drone are away from sources of interference like utility lines, tall buildings, storage containers, etc.  These sources of interference can cause your R3Pro unit to not acquire the necessary fix on GNSS satellites.  
  • Remove your R3Pro, lever arm, and GNSS antenna.  Check the connection points for any signs of wear, damage, or a build up of dust or dirt.  If there is no visible damage or wear please reattach your lever arm, GNSS antenna, and R3Pro then turn the unit on again to initiate the GNSS Test.  If there is visible damage or wear, please take pictures of the connection points, and email them to for further investigation.  
  • Check your USB drive on the R3Pro.  If the USB drive has less than 10% available storage, the R3Pro will not pass the GNSS test.  After downloading all the data off your USB drive, and formatting, please see if the R3Pro will pass the GNSS test again.   

If your R3Pro continues to have issues with passing the GNSS test at start up, feel free to contact us at for further troubleshooting.