Start the R2A

The R2A can be operated from a GUI using a phone or using the power button. This article will focus on operation with the GUI.

Install the R2A properly on the drone system.

Tap the button to power on the R2A

  • Listen for the camera to click twice, if not heard restart the unit.
  • R2A will begin warm up cycle.

A light humming and ticking sound can be heard from the LIVOX sensor, this is normal.

Connect the R2A to your phone
  • Open the Wi-Fi settings on your phone.
  • Connect to the wireless network.

Wireless Network Name Password
ROCK-####### rocklidar

Format USB

Every data collection session should  start with re-formatting your USB drive. Failing to re-format the drive may lead to the inability to log additional data.

The R2A will not start recording data if the USB flash drive is not attached or improperly formatted.Attach Storage

  • Wait until you have 8 or more GNSS satellites.

  • Press Start to begin recording data.


  • Wait for 20-30 seconds to get a good static reading on the ground.
  • Close Web GUI window.
  • Turn off phone Wi-Fi  to disconnect from R2A prior to take-off.

Keeping your phone connected to the R2A wifi may lead to errors in logging while the R2A attempts to connect to your phone as it comes in and out of wifi signal during flight.

**Check your files in the field using the rtk.pcmp file to verify your capture before leaving.**

This can be done without stopping your base station as it is just visualizing the LiDAR scan file and not a trajectory corrected point cloud. This means no license or internet is needed, but note your point cloud is  also inaccurate at this stage.

You can also operate the R2A using the power button. See the article "Operate the R2A with Power Button" for more information

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Install the R2A

ROCK R2A Tutorial

R2A Button and LED